I, the "Dulciborn Guy" have been playing Mountain Dulcimer for 35 years. I've seen many new ideas come and go, 6 string, baritone, tenor, banjo Dulcimers, resonator Dulcimers, Solid Body Dulcimers, Strum Sticks, etc, etc..I've had, have or played all of them. But NOTHING, NOTHING has come along that so totally transforms the Dulcimer like the Gold Tone Dulciborn. With the body of a Weissenborn,  it's hollow body extending up to the headstock and the scalloped dulcimer fretboard, the Dulciborn adds a new dimension and opens up endless possibilities of playing. With the volume and tone to participate in a group session, heard by all or the warm rich sound enhancing every note played solo.  I fell in love with this Dulciborn on first strum and have made it a mission to work with Gold Tone to promote and offer this instrument to MD players and non players alike.

    Thru special arraingment with Gold Tone, I personally go to Gold Tone in Titusville Fla., inspect, set up the action, install extra 1 1/2 and or 8 1/2 Frets on every Dulciborn I sell. Before leaving Gold Tone both Robin Rogers(co owner of GT) and I do a final inspection.


I personally set up every Dulciborn that I sell, from installing extra frets to setting up the action. I'm not an "Instrument salesman" and only sell the Dulciborn. I'd be proud to own, play and perform with any Dulciborn I set up.